Counselling or psychotherapy gives you the opportunity to talk to a trained person about your problems.  With the right counsellor who you can trust and open up to, counselling offers you time, attention and support to explore and make sense of issues concerning you and to enable you to become more effective in your life.  Counselling will give you the opportunity in a safe, confidential environment to express your feelings, thoughts and emotions to help you get your perspectives on life back in balance again.


 As a counsellor, I am here to really listen sensitively to what is bothering you.  As you share your problems with me, I will help you make sense of what is going on.  I can give you the time and space to express what it really feels like for you.  I will not judge you nor will I give you advice, but I will give you the opportunity to explore what is happening for you, to help you understand your feelings, to help you find a better way of dealing with a difficult situation and to discuss issues that are on your mind.  You may be contemplating counselling because you have reached a crisis point or cross roads in your life.


I see clients from all backgrounds and walks of life from those facing emotional difficulties and distress to those wanting to make life changes.  Counselling is there to help you when you have exhausted all of your own resources and need an arena for support, reflection and renewal.


With respect for your values, choices and lifestyle, counselling can help highlight the many inner resources that you have to help you to make choices, resolutions or changes that would be positive for you at this time.